Earthquake 1989 San Fransisco

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Kane ,United States, Earthquake 1989 San Fransisco

I was born in San Francisco and lived there all my life and of the many things I remember was the day in 1989 when The World Series between San Fransisco and Oakland was about to begin and our house and everything in it started to shake , I was 23 at the time and a big fan and this was the big day.

We lived with minor tremors over the years but nothing like this everything was falling off shelves and smashing luckily nobody was hurt from our family , so the worst part was WHEN WE ALSO LOST THE WORLD SERIES THAT YEAR , now many years later I am sure we would have won if nature had not interviened.

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  1. I think that what you have been through is fascinating...

  2. this is the worst article i have ever seen

  3. These are not articles only ordinary peoples memories and should be view and read as such