My Early Computers

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Tom, UK , My Early Computers

They ranged from a ZX81 from Sinclair to Commodore Pet , I think in just a 5 year period I must of had some 8 computers , the early computers were only for enthusiasts and you were expected to put them together yourself and programme any games into the computer by hand spending many hours entering machine code or basic code to make the computer do something rather than just a blank screen. It amazes me how far we have come in such a short time , the original computers cost an arm and a leg by todays standards and in comparison to what we expect today provided little value.

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  1. I loved and hated the ZX81 at the same time , the keyboard was crap and if played a game for a long while it would just crash , but without it I could never have afforded to get a home computer which was a great new world