My First date

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Heather , USA, My First date

I don't know why this came in my head when reading the memories on your site but my memory is of my first boyfriend

I was 14 and he was much older ( 16 ) and the reason I wanted a boyfriend was to practice kissing , I had practiced on the mirror in my but wanted to try for real.

He was much taller than me so it was awkward and exhilarating at the same time , I quickly fell in love and told him we should run away and get married, I am glad one of us was sensible, we dated for 3 months until I realised as he was much older than me he wanted more than I was prepared to give , even though we broke up he continued to be a true friend for many years after that until he moved away, he would always be willing to make up as a couple if I needed to go out somewhere with a date . He was truly a great friend and I hope he is happy as he deserves to be.

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