Remember cars from the 1960s

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Jason , United States, My memory of my 1960s cars
I was remembering my car driving in the 60's

Nobody locked car doors ( we didn't have central locking or fobs )

Most windows used handcranks to open and close

Heaters were an option

Radios were an option ( and only AM ) with crappy little speaker

My age group bought retread tyres as they were cheaper

The windshield wipers were vacuum driven so faster you went faster wipers went

and no windscreen washers ( plus wipers were realy small )

The dimmerswitch was on the floor you pushed with your foot

If the battery went flat find a hill and drop the clutch to start the car

How things have changed


  1. Was unsure where to put this memory so placed it here, In most of the old cars I owned in the 60's my cars had a button on the floor that I pressed with my foot to change the Lights from Full Beam to Low Beam and I miss it, Of all the changes to the car I drive today that is the one I would like back.

  2. I agree. There's too much to do with your hands already. The dimmer on the floor was a great idea, and I wish they'd go back to it. I think you could hit it quicker too.

  3. You make these cars sound bad!!! -looks at amazing 60's car-

  4. My first car was a '60 Chevy Belaire. It had been my dad's who ordered it new in November of 1959. It became mine in 1966 when I got my license. I would charge 5 friends 1 dollar apiece each week to ride to school and back. That would more than fill the tank and we'd have plenty of gas left to go cruising on Friday and Saturday nights. I fondly remember the GTO's, Camaro's, 442's and Malibu's making their rounds late at night on the west side of Indy. I'm a grandmother now...still driving a Chevy.