School Educational Cruise 60s

Memory From:
David, UK, 60's School Educational Cruise

I was lucky enough for my mum and dad to pay for an educational cruise for me when I about 13, not sure which year 1965 or 1966 we travelled on the Devonia to Norway and when I wasn't seasick it was fantastic , the cruise was only for school kids and I was a number of my friends from the same school so we had a blast , the grub was pretty crap and always seemed greasy ( maybe that was why I was seasick a lot ) .

We stopped at Bergan and the whole gang of us went off together on a voyage of discovery, and nearly all the Norwegans we met spoke english so each time we got lost somebody would help us find our way back . I don't know how much my parents payed but I would love for my kids to have the same opportunity.

Thanks Mum and Dad


  1. I was lucky enough to go on an educational cruise and what fun and an experience

  2. A Dr. Jan Swallow was on many of these cruises and she wrote a book about her experiences, possibly through Pan Books.
    Has anybody any ideas what it was called or where I can purchase it.