England Win World Cup 1966

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I can still remember the day England won the 1966 World Cup beating Germany on
the 30 July 1966
Enland 4 Germany 2 with both winning goals coming in extra time

I was 14 and like the whole nation watched it on TV with my family, my mum sent me up to the shops at half time to get some milk and I did not see another soul except the shopkeeper who had set up a TV in the shop to watch the game ,

Anyone who watched the game will remember how tense it was and a mixture of not wanting to miss one second but everytime the German Team got the ball not wanting to watch incase they scored , when the great Geoff Hurst scored the two goals in extra time my mum kept saying and we all kept thinking blow the whistle.

Our whole family went mad when the final whistle was blown and I am sure like many other families that only had a passing interest in football on that day we became avid supporters and very few of the team from that day will be forgoten but just in case I have listed them below I couldn't remember some of the first names or all of the positions sorry about that

Gordon Banks
Ray Wilson
Nobby Stiles
Jack Charlton
Bobby Moore
Bobby Charlton
Geoff Hurst
Martin Peters

What a great day and what a memory

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  1. Alan Ball
    Roger Hunt
    Wasn't Terry Cooper the left fullback. What a great time this was!