Travelling Photographers 1960's

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Kathy, USA, Travelling Photographers

Me, very happy in the summertime at nine years old. I had been out playing. A photographer with a pony was going around the neighborhood. I can remember him putting the pony's front hooves together for the picture, the sound of the clacking of the hooves. They took my glasses off for the picture!


  1. what a beautiful, charming memory. thanks!

  2. I would also like to say what a charming memory , I did not even know that travelling photographers existed until I told somebody else about this memory and they can remember them coming with a pony to take photos for parents of children

  3. We had one come to our house, during the summer. I love that photo, sadly it has been lost to our family, I would love to know who the photographer was, is there any way to find out who these people where and if there are any negatives around?

  4. Hope fully a family member who had parents that offered this service will make a comment , it would be great to here a memory from someone who can provide more information