The Wonder of Nature and Large Stag

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Anthony, UK, The Wonder of Nature and Large Stag

I was remembering some of the wonders of nature I saw when I was lucky enough to set off driving early in the morning usually through the New Forest in Hampshire before the traffic scared the wildlife away.

The first I remember was one morning about 4:30 AM travelling through an open area of countryside. The sun was just rising and a large stag was stood on the top of a hill with the sun rising behind him which gave him an aura of true magnificence, I stopped my car and just sat there realising how lucky I was to have seen him, that was some 25yrs ago but I can still see that picture in my head to this day.

The Second was a similar time in the morning driving and seeing 3 fawns out of the corner of my eye in a clearing in the forest , I stopped the car and just sat there and watched they must of just been hours old as they were so wobbly on their legs once again the sun was streaming through the trees and the picture was perfect , It seems such a shame that is was so many years ago before mobile phones had built in camera's and the current models of digital camera did not exist.

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