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George Armstrong, United States, My memories of the 60's

I was born in 1960. I don't remember too much except the following:
1) My mother had a yellow Triumph convertable and she was 27. She was trying to get her driver's license.
2) Going to the third grade - I hated wearing plaid shirts. I had a crush on the girl up the street.
3) The Beatles were everywhere.
4) I remember the 67 Mustang and watching Vietnam on black and white TV.
5) I remember my fathers BelAir and my grandfathers flamingo pink Cadillac the the big tailfins.
6) Neil Armstrong lands on the moon, 1969!
7) I remember the Kennedy's getting assassinated and everyone was sad.

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  1. Oh yes my friend, "The Answere Is Blowing IN The Wind", and yes black and white t.v. our generation was definitely black and white. Color woudn't come until 1970's hence "Bonanza" in color?

    We were raised in a most respectful generation, heck we still had manners. My t.v. love affiar back then would be, "I Love Lucy" that was the way people were. Sweet beguiling, and trusting, even though the old stand-by existed, it didn't matter people were more polite. There wasn't as much to be stressed over.

    I remember "Bewitched" I looked with anticipation to see what zanny things would happen with her husband, or thier cute little daughter Tabitha. I also loved "Green Acres" who could get enough of the ZsaZsa Gabor and her down to earth husband. There were so many good shows that were on, Gumby and Pokey, remember "Davey and Goliath"? that was great stuff. The times are a changing, wasn't that Dylan, he was ahaed of his time and mine as well. Anyway thanks for the memories.