Early School Memories

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Jane, United Kingdom, My Early School Memories

I am getting ready to take my daughter for her first day of real school and it made me think back to all those 30 years ago and remember my early time at school.

Looking back I think I enjoyed every day and all the things we did

Painting great works of art which my mother had to tell me were wonderfull ( and I always wanted my mum to display them )

Pretending to Sleep during rest time with my head resting on my crossed arms ( now I wonder was it to give teachers as much a rest as the children )

Listening to the teacher reading a story

Learning to write my ABC

Opening up my desk where I kept my colouring pencils

All having our own coat racks where we had our name tags on

Running our little shops

Playing with building bricks

Learning to read the first books

Our small bottle of milk we were given each day ( I think the Government Paid for it not parents )

And then the special times like Christmas Plays and Carol Singing, Sports Day, Easter

Many years later I went back to a school with my niece and can remember looking at the little tables and chairs realising just how little we all were They say school years are the best years of your life and looking back I think they were

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  1. You forgot

    Mum Sewing in name tags on all your clothes

    Your Birthday when all the other children would sing happy birthday

    Playtime in the playground

    and pulling the little girls hair who sat in front of you and pretending it wasn't you