Altamont Concert Rolling Stones

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Bo, United States, Altamont Concert Rolling Stones

ALTAMONT Went to Sears Point where the concert was to be. Saw signs along the road ROLLING, STONES, GO, HOME . The radio annoucement came on saying the concert was moved to Altamont, we drove the mustang to the Altamont pass where we parked in the middle of the road, trapped in by cars in front cars behind. Walked towards what we thought was the entrance. Slept under a volkswagon bus, woke up early in the morning surrounded by thousands, People started pushing and you couldn't help but get sucked in. People got trampled, jumped over one guys legs, thank god I didn't fall! Finnally got out of the vacuum and ran towards the stage.We wound up on the little knoll to the right of the stage ( great view). Santana came on party was on! But the show was all around me everyone was stoned, alot of bad drugs people very aggitated. Alot of pushing and fighting on and near the stage (glad I wasn't right down front). People all day long looking for the medic tents. Angels throwing full beers at people. Pool sticks flying, people getting hurt. Mick does satisfaction, tells the crowd to "Cool Out" but no satisfaction! Bad Trip!

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