Best Memory This Christmas

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This Christmas I had one of my favorite memories. My daughters are 4 and 6 and for about three weeks before Christmas this year, they would disappear a few times a week into their playroom and come out with what looked like wads of construction paper behind their backs. They would "sneak" over and add a few wads at a time under the Christmas tree. On Christmas morning, they explained what they had been doing. They knew that they would be getting new toys and they wanted to have some of their old toys go to people who would appreciate them, so they found items in their toybox and matched them with a person they loved. There was a dog-eared 1st reader for my 3 year old nephew, a book for his older brother, a whistle and a mini snow globe for my husband and for me, a big sticker book of storybook (Disney) characters (used of course) because my 6 year old knew that I was using "that character stuff" with my students at school. Even though my kids were practicing 'tis better to give than to receive, this year, 'twas better to receive!


  1. That is so cool , It was not until much later in my life I realised how much fun it was to pick out presents for friends and relatives .
    And truly learnt the saying "Tis Bet To Give Than Recieve" .

    Sounds like they had a blast and you can be a very proud parent


  2. Thanks Steve! I certainly am - though I do have to say that I am often trying to figure out how to get out of the house without having to wear the big plastic blue "ruby" ring that was also included in my group of presents :).