I really miss the 90s

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CJ, United States

I was born in '90 and I gotta say I really miss that decade. I remember playing with pogs, having friends over to play sonic on the sega genesis, oh man I remember when wolfenstien 3D came out, and how "great" the graphics were for a game back then. I also played with legos and I remember collecting the lego magazines and reading the comics with that lego maniac guy in them. Hahahaha when us guys managed to feel straight when wearing short shorts. there were too many good times to remember. How about power rangers and the ninja turtles? I just think the atmosphere and peoples attitudes were much more positive back then. I regret ever growing up...


  1. yeah i really miss it too...i just wish i was born 4 or 5 years earlier to see what the earlier 90's were like...and this is weird but i get strange thoughts in my head thinking about memories that never happened..i know..weird lol

  2. i miss the 90's too i gotta say that i miss it and even the early millenium...this might be weird but i wish i was born in 1990 to see what it was like,but no.also very weird and strange is that i have memories from then that really didn't happen...i kinda feel left out in 2009,if i was my current age in the 90's id have the time of my life...well childhood but yeah..