Cherished Memories From The 70s

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Sandi Goins, United States

Growing up in the 70's was a really fun time. As children we played outside all year round. Swimming and making forts in the woods during the Summertime and sled riding and visiting friends in the Winter.
Everyone always had a radio on listening to music, not talk radio. The Lyrics had meaning, and wonderful melodies.
We always had home cooked meals with a glass of milk except on a very special occasion we might get some McDonalds and a coke.
We were skinny kids, probably from the home cooked meals and playing outside all of the time. I dont remember any of us kids getting sick either. Maybe just a touch of the flu here or there.
I loved going to the Drive In Movie, and Once a month Sunday night Disney movies could not come on quick enough!
Holidays the entire family would spend quality time at grandma and grandpa's house with lots of yummy food and played games.
My fondest memory is a little white candy store named "Lil Joe's" it was a tiny-little white candy store. Bomb pops (popsickles) were .25 cents each... we all compared who had the bluest tongue after eating them. It was really sad when Lil Joe's closed... then years later heading into the 80's and 90's times were changing and I dont think I realized then as I do now... not particularly for the better.

We no longer played outside as often, and we started locking our car and house doors. bomb pops were no longer .25 cents.... Mcdonalds became part of the weeks meal planning... and the weight started to show. There was not enough energy to go play outside and run around... we started to watch video's on the couch intead. today we have MTV, microwaves, cell phones, electronic games...

I miss playing outside, running and getting fresh air with my friends and family. the 70's... GREAT Memories I will always cherish.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sandi it does bring it back when I read your memories and reminds me how very different times are today.

    I can remember not locking back porch doors or the car , shame those times are long gone .

    And I wonder if this generation will remember having a great game on the computer as much as I remember making a rope swing with all my friends to swing across the local stream.