Children Playing In The 50s

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Vickie, United Kingdom

First what a brilliant site.I am so pleased i found you.reading the memories jogged mine.
The rag & bone man use to come round & we would beg our mams for rags hoping to get a gold fish all we ever got was a balloon.
We were able to play in the streets,back alleys or go to the Park
At 10 I got a paper round with my pay I bought dad the News of the World & mam a box of chocolates.
To my surprise mam went mad & said I should have give her the money that was mam.
I do not know if it is with getting older but those days we were free money was scarce but we were happy.

Reading the memories has made me realise no matter what country we are from we are all the same.I loved The beatles especially John & George.Still have there LP's Thanks to everyone for there shared memories

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  1. Vickie
    I can always remember getting my first weeks money from my paper round and taking my mum home a box of chocs ( was the first time I had ever earned my own money ) and I can remember my dad taking me out some sundays when the paper bag weighed a ton and driving me round the paper round with me delivering the papers in the letterbox ( mind you can also remember letterboxes being to small for the sundays and having to knock at the door

    takes us back a bit thanks for taking the time to post your memories