How lucky we are today

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Monroe, United States

I can remember my father who was born in the depression talking about his father would leave home before daylight and arrive back home after dark walking 10 miles each way to use a hand plow and if he got lucky a horse and plow, working in the fields all day long for only one dollar.

Hearing the family stories of my grandfather/mother raising 8 children in those times was really a sad part of our history, not only in America but the entire world.

Hearing my mother talk about picking strawberries for 3 cents a quart, She says when they finally did make it to the times where they got 5 cent a quart and a dime if they capped them, they were (quote)stepping in high cotten.
You know hearing all the stories or my parents and grandparents picking cotton by hands in the hot fields until their fingers would bleed and crack open, the heat from the hot soil since they didn't have money to buy shoes in the summer time and pulling those cotton sacks down the cotton rolls all day.

It really makes you stop and think just how lucky we are today. Signing off now from the plains of Tennessee.

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  1. Thank You Monroe

    It is good to remember the difficult times our parents and grandparents went through, which should make us thankful for how fortunate we are today