The Thirties

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My grandmother was born in Kansas in the early 1900's.
Our family had farms and were respected members of the communities they lived in.
My grandmother married and became a teacher.
During the 30's her husband lost his job.
She worked as a teacher, traveling from town to town, sleeping in other people's homes. Eventually, they relocated to Oregon.
Once there the two divorced.
She had other family members that made the move, as well. She like to tell me this story about her cousin and her husband who rented a room and everyday for dinner they would cook a potato on a hot plate. He'd have her cut it into two pieces and she would always give him the larger half.

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Some of these memories passed down from family members provide truly great insight into much harder times and one of the reasons I set this site up was to allow the sharing of these special memories so they are not lost for future generations

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