Cooking and Heating Back in The Twenties

I thought it would be good to take a trip back in time today to the mid 1920s,

The add  is for a manufacturer "Kalamazoo" who sold cookers, heaters and a furnace targeted at the Farming community.

The cooking ranges included, oil, Coal / Wood and Gas and starting from $37.95 . ( about $600 in today's money )

The Furnace was $59.95 and the heater was $27.95

Much of the farming community bought clothes, furniture, appliances, toys and just about everything else through catalogs which is why the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs were so popular, Sears were based in Chicago where they still are today and the catalogs featured everything from a toy car to a semi assembled house that was delivered to your door.

Because Catalog Sales were so dominant in the sale of anything and everything manufacturers who were not included would sell direct to the public through Newspapers and Magazines, this is a great example

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