63 Pony Trek Wales

Memory From:
Robin , Mexico, 1963 Pony Trek in Wales

In about 1963 I went on a super pony treking holiday in Wales with a pal of mine. We were staying at a pub and had good big breakfasts and packed lunches as we went out in a group all day with a guide. We treked all over the beautiful Welsh hills around Rhyader.

I was young and met a super girl who I fell head over heels in love with (in one week!). We talked and laughed, kissed and embraced, but that was all.

After one week she returned to her studies and I returned home to my parents in another part of England.
I pined and sighed over my lost love but the years rolled on, I finished my studies, went to live in London, met a Mexican girl, finally we got married then we emigrated to Mexico and I made my life here.

42 years passed before I discovered the wonders of the Internet.

I used the net and finally found my long lost love--a grandmother now and working as a Planning Officer on her local county council in England.

The county council has a website which I looked up and there she was! A photo of her!

But where was that lithe, sexy, chestnut brown haired young beauty that I kissed and caressed so many years ago?
She is now a silver haired, double chinned, plump lady, prim and proper in her neck high white blouse.
And the moral to the story?

Don't look for old flames after so many years, just remember them as they were and enjoy your memories.

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