Hurricane Katrina

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Anonymous, United States, Hurricane Katrina

We were warned about what Katrina may do just before the storm but thought it would not happen to us. First the winds and rain which were so loud we had trouble hearing each other followed by the flooding caused by the levees breaking left my familt and myself on the top of our home hoping someone would find us , at that point we were all scared as we were not even sure if the water would keep rising and we would just drown, we were some of the lucky ones and were picked up by a small boat from our rooftop , it was complete panic at that point with nobody knowing what they should do with us or where to take us and we were put with thousands of others with no food or water , and people were angry at everything , the hurricane, the officials, the governement, we were cold and hungry and for 8 hours nobody seemed to care . There were no sanitary facilities and it was 3 days before any sort of government help or organisation happened.
If we had been rich and living in Florida everything was organised before any hurricane came but because we were poor and from New Orleans we were left to starve and fend for ourselves.

We were a lucky family many of our friends didn't make it or were robbed as in some areas gang violence took over , how sad when the same people who were your neighbours are those who were now willing to rob you.

Because of Katrina my faith in people, government and religeon has been lost forever.

It has been years since Katrina hit our family and we were moved from New Orleans to Texas, how quickly everybody forgets , our lives have not improved our home is gone and we live on others handouts, thank you for allowing me to tell my story.

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  1. You should put your faith on Jesus, and not on people, the government or religion. what I mean is religion is dead. I am sorry for your lose and I wish I could have been able to help and Im sure when you see this note you are probably going to get mad but God is a redeemer. He only wishes you the best. Im nobody but I also wish you the best.