The Beatles 1965 New Orleans

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Jake , USA, The Beatles 1965 New Orleans
I was 16 and my first ever concert was 1965 when I saw the Beatles in New Orleans not many people can say that.
There were policemen everywhere and as many protesters as fans as they were known for loud music and the crowds going mad.

The music and the concert was great and I still have and listen to my Beetles CD's to this day

The Beatles were escorted directly from the airport and directly back when the concert ended. They marched onto the stage and just sung every hit back to back to back that had been in the charts. plus a few rock and roll hits from other stars at the time.

Everyone rose to their feet, and on the floor, we had to stand in our chairs to see anything.

They played and sang without a break for about one hour. and did not miss a beat and for 2 hours afterwards I could not hear anything my partner said as I was completly deaf from the music and crowd

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  1. I was 7 years old, sitting in a limo with my Father (the promoter of that concert) on the runway watching their plane get mobbed.

  2. Hi, good article! I wanted to mention the concert was in 1964 on September 16th, not 1965. The Beatles had arrived in town the night before. Had a press conference the day of the concert, then flew into the stadium by helicopter a few hours before showtime. The played 12 songs, making the concert about 30 minutes long. Then left the stadium by escorted car.

  3. I am an independent filmmaker in New Orleans and would like to make a short film/short documentary about The Beatles performance in New Orleans. I don't want to do a TV style documentary piece, but a more personal piece perhaps from the viewpoints of people who present at this time. I'm not exactly sure what the angle would be, but I both love The Beatles and New Orleans. If anyone who was present has any memories or ideas on putting this film together (also any leads on footage); and would like to participate please contact me at Also, you can get a sense of my work at:

  4. beatles in a bar on bourbon street infall 1963 or earlay 1964.I can't remember exactly.I was having a stroll ashore from my ship around supper time...

  5. jacques

    that is so cool have been down there a couple of times myself , and great place at anytime would have made my day to see the beatles at the same time


  6. hey the time i watch the beatles was on my mom's tv when she had your guys movie it was cool too bad that most of them are dead instead of paul mc cartney

  7. The Beatles Landed at what is now Louis Armstrong Int. Airport,Which was in conflict with Hap Glaudis Announcement and spent the night at the Congress Inn in far Eastern N.O.,They were originally to land at Lakefront Airport.Hap did have fans scrambling to the Congress Inn. I was young but did jump the raililg at the stadium to get close. The World suddenly changed.
    anonymous my ass I was there.

  8. But what about when they played in a bar on Bourbon street at the beginning of 1964 at the latest because I came back in Canada March the 5th 1964 and I saw them a few months before.We where no more then 20 peoples in that place and between there representationsthere was atall good looking color crooner...