Earthquake Bay Area 80s

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kf6rck, United States

It was a beautiful October morning, and i had left my house in Martinez at 5;30.for some reason I drove my ford p/u instead of riding Honda 750 k3.
By the time I got to the bay bridge the sun had come up and I could see that it was a nice day, giants and A's flags running from Oakland to San Francisco, by 6:45 I was in San Carlos, and work did not start until 7:30 as is me habit.

My coworkers hate me as I come to work in a good mood all the time, time to yourself priceless. at 4:30 it was time to go home but then I was told I had to put in OT, bummer the game was going start some I would listen to on my way home, that why I left the bike at home that day, the kids knew i would take over the TV when i got home. I was working in a glass shop at the time, at 5:00 I punched out.

I went to the back of the shop and sat on a cutting table, lit a smoke and started to unwind, just then the table started to shake, i looked at my boss who was standing off to the side of the table, he was wide eyed. now the metal doors were going bang bang real hard, as i said i was in a glass shop some of the glass was as big as 12' x8', i got out of there as fast as i could, out side the El camino looked like the sea going by, my truck was parked by a wall and some how did not hit it,a guy pulled into the parking lot and jumped out of his car, running around the car saying. i tougth the wheels had come off! in San Mateo my dad had just pulled into his driveway and pulled the shifter out of the floor of his car. back at home my 2yo was between my bike and the house, the bike came off the kick stand and staid on it's wheels,when it fell over it fell on it's kick stand. the shaking had slowed and 1 ran back into the shop to call as i was talking to my wife the phone went dead, my cellphone was dead, i did not get home for three day's.

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