The Coolest Decade To Grow Up 1960's

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Jane, The Coolest Decade To Grow Up 1960's

I grew up in the Sixties, and for music and TV there was nothing like it.
The Flintstones, "Lassie".

The Archies "Sugar, Sugar",
The Beatles with "Hey Jude",
The Monkees with "I'm a Believer"
The Grateful Dead.
Jefferson Airplane
The Byrds
The Rolling Stones
The Beachboys

Jus some of the clothes I wore
Fir boots
Towering Hair Do
mini skirts

The list goes on
I was 12 when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and turned my young world upside down.
I'm so happy that I lived in that era of "A Hard Day's Night," and "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band"

Then seeing 2 of the most charismatic leaders we have ever seen with Martin Luther King and John F Kennedy

Watching anti war demonstrations, and at the end of the decade watching and listening to the first man to land on the moon .

If anyone can think of a cooler time in history to be growing up and in your teens I would be suprised


  1. If I leave our planet slowly,and have time for my life to flashback I will be stuck in the 60's. Maybe we loved them so much because we were at a molding stage in our lives. I was almost 7 when 1960 rang in and just about 18 when it rang out. And so much history and cultural change happened in those 10 years.MY FAVORITE DECADE Ijust wish my kids could have seen how much young people wanted change in our country.

  2. I think of all the things I have read and remember from the 60's , I had forgotten how much we wanted to change the world for the better ( not our lives but the world ),
    I do not think that has existed anytime since maybe our children might take up the mantle when they realise they have the power to force politicians to think about the world they are leaving behind for the next generation