Once in a Lifetime Afternoon Tea At The Ritz

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Just Once in a lifetime you do something you have never done before and will possibly never do again.

As a very special treat for all my family we went to London for a weekend and the two highlights for the weekend were

1 Afternoon Tea at the Ritz ( booked 6 weeks in Advance ) as there is long waiting list for those thinking about it

2 To watch The Phantom of The Opera in the Londons West End in the evening.

Now all sounds great but never went quite according to plan.

We spent the morning getting ready but one little problem occurred when my son decided to check the new instant blue hair dye ( he had bought in Portabello Market the day before ) after he had his white shirt on and 10 minutes before the Taxi was due to arrive and it went up his nose in his mouth all over his white shirt and he looked like some kind of freak ( now my wife has more of a sense of humour than me and just started laughing and couldn't stop which started up the other kids and her sister , ( the only non smiling face was me ) but even I couldn't not laugh so just joined in.

The family then spent the next 20 minutes doing the best we could to make him respectable ( while keeping Taxi waiting ) London Taxis are bloody expensive by the way.

The Ritz is truly awesome with fantastic architecture and chandaliers that could be considered works of art and a sense of days gone by , the cost is fairly expensive but the ambiance is worth it as a once in a lifetime special treat the sandwiches and the cakes are superb ( you will also more than likely see a couple or so famous people as well which can be a bonus. I thought my family had done enough to keep me worried when suddenly from one of my family after they had dropped a fork was the OH F@#@ Word and it sounded like the offending member shouted it but as nobody else looked round I guessed it was just me being over sensitive.

My advice to anyone wanting to do something very special in London is book afternoon tea at the Ritz


  1. I remember these as well.

    I HATED all vegetables (sorry Mom).

    My girlfriend in college bought them for a family dinner down in California.

    I think it was the PEAS variety.

    Nice try, but they were terrible.

    I STILL hate peas.

    But asparagus on the BBQ is beginning to grow on me.

  2. i love teass too...i just made them at home with the loose leaf i bought from jingtee.com or teacuppa.com