Elkins Radio School of Broadcasting 70s

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jim, United States, The 70's and a music career

Ah the 70's--graduated in 1971, went to Elkins Radio School of Broadcasting, and hit the door running in a radio career...Music music an d more music, but not the BIIIIGGG Money I was made to believe it would be. But loved the gig anyway...a lifetime dream. Got a draft notice #11 for Vietnam, and was F-4'd out, joined US ARMY 2 yrs later, spent 8 yrs in the service...of all things, as an MP

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  1. Been there! Elkins in Dallas, 1967. DJ in Dodge City, Ks. for a year then DJ KEYN Wichita for a few. Got into sales in TV for the money and lost my dream...left the city and went back to being a cowboy.
    Jerry, Kansas USA