Farm Pigs come and Visit

Memory From:
Andy, United States, Farm Pigs come and Visit

We live in a farming community and close by is a pig farm , the pigs are kept in barns so we never see them normally but can often hear when they are being slaughtered, but the biggest shock has to be the day I look out at my horses who are going mad and all the dogs are barking, I assumed it was a pack of coyotes near by and went to investigate , no coyotes could be seen or any other reason for the animals to be in the state they were , but as walking round the property one of the dogs was barking up a storm at a tree so i went to investigate, lo and behold it was the biggest fattest pig I have ever seen in my life who had escaped from the pig farm, I contacted the pig farmer who promptly came an rounded up the Pig and took it back , I reckon he would have made a good pig roast and fed us for a month

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