History It’s the story that makes us remember.

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Joeymichelle To The People History as a reflection on what history is

History, it is what it exactly states: His-story or “her”-story as the case may be. It is always someone’s version of what happened so many years ago that we rely on to tell us how our world or our lives have been shaped into the way we perceive them today. The art of colorful and whimsical story telling is how structured religion came to be or how our history books came to fill our heads with knowledge day in and day out of our tormented youth. We rely on each other to learn what happened to ourselves and to each other to get to the next step in our quest for truth or self-preservation. Our families, our communities are all based on happenings so long ago that have been preserved in the minds of our elders or on a tempered parchment that we must handle with kid gloves for if that is lost, so are we. For it seems as if we are a nation of followers, not leaders. We cannot survive on will alone, we must have that bond between the past and the future to survive the day to day struggle of life.

The beauty in our history is that not all our versions of life are the same. We are so unique in our diversity that our experiences throughout time in all our regions make us so special. We are like a finely woven tapestry of many different color and textures. None of them meant to be placed together, but when mixed create the most glorious of pieces. To remember these stories in our history is magical. Some of our legacy is bitter, some sweet. However, all of it combined make this great nation one of dreams and hope, a nation where all of our “Stories” shape tomorrow and build a brighter future.

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