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Adrian, UK, Worst Job Fruit Picker in Aus

I went backpacking to Aus for 1 year with a mate and the hardest job was fruit picking in an Orchard, but we managed 2 months of it which allowed us to just chill and travel for a further 6 months

While Back Packing in Australia the best paid job I had was picking fruit working for an orchard , The money was not bad and because we had our own van and a tent for accommodation was free so we managed to save a good portion of what we earnt, The work is pretty hard as it's about 8 hours solid of picking which is bad on the back but the money we earnt in 2 months allowed us to go travelling for another 6 months ( we earnt about $8,000 each in 2 months )

I have included it on the worst job only because it is bloody hard work , but to be fair was the best work we found in Aus.

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