The day President Kennedy shot

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Isabel , United States, 1963 The day President Kennedy shot

A life changing moment for me and my family was November 22, 1963. When I heard that President Kennedy had been shot, I was a seventh grade student at Booker T. Washington Jr. High, on 108th Street and Columbus Avenue in Manhattan. We were waiting to be let out for the day when a girl who had been listening to her transistor radio burst into the classroom, shouting that the "president was shot".

All of us were incredulous, including the teacher. I'm sure my classmates ran home as fast as I did to check the news on the radio and TV stations. Sadly, the girl was right. From that moment, throughout that week end and for the rest of the sixties, our world was never the same. We were sure more than ever before that terrible things were about to happen in our country and the rest of the world.

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  1. I was 13 years old when JFK the president of the United States was shot, and watched the drama unfold on TV, I can remember hearing my parents discussing the shooting and what would happen next , I can remember that he seemed to be very popular world wide , and our news was dominated by his death, and the following shooting of Lee Harvey Oswold by Jack Ruby

  2. All I remember is looking outside my window and seeing a crowd of people screaming, "Someone just shot Mr. Kennedy!"