My Renault Fuego

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Adrian,UK, My Renault Fuego

My favourite car was a Renault Fuego which I owned from 1981 - 1994 it was 2 years old when I bought it, and gave me trouble free driving for nearly 10 years, in the end it was the rust that got it on the floor, door panels and wings and became just about impossible to keep up with the growing rust ( plus rust colour does not look good on a bright yellow car ) .
I do regret not spending the money to keep it going but I only had 1 parking space at my flat so it had to go , maybe when I get some money together and somewhere to restore one I will get an old one and restore it just for fun.


  1. I agree - they're a great car. I have a 1984 1.6L Turbo and a 1985 2L GTX Automatic. Both in mint condition. But here in NZ, cars dont rust away, they're driven until they're worn out!

  2. I also agree- have great 1986 GTX 2 litre just turned 200,000ks and are now becoming popular again

  3. i agree too i had 5 of them what a blast if i found another it will be the big love again what a great car