my holiday memories of Disney

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Becs, UK, My Holiday Memory from Disney at 10 years old

When I was about 10, Christmas was coming and my parents told me that we were going to Majorca for Christmas for the holidays. We got to the airport and it was still the middle of the night and we got in the queue to check in. I looked up and the screen said Florida. I said to my Mum and Dad, 'we are in the wrong queue'. They said no we're not. Eventually I clicked. We were going to Disneyland! It was such an amazing time. It was the best Christmas ever. We went to the Magic Kingdom for Christmas day and watched the parade. We saw all of the characters from all my favourite cartoons. My favourite of course was Mickey Mouse. I was starstruck!

Now I am 22, I can't wait for the day when I have two young children and take them to Disney Land. Hopefully they will feel as lucky as I did when I was thier age.

Thanks to my Mum and Dad for that fantastic memory.

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