My Dad 50s

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Steve, UK, My Dad 50s
When I think back to my childhood I remember my dad with fond memories, It was my dad who taught me to swim while we lived in Malta ( dad was in the Navy ), it was my dad who taught me to ride a bike.
He was my hero who seemed to be 10 feet tall and could do no wrong, of the many memories from my childhood the funniest has to be when my mum ( who was quite strict ) told my dad to take me to my room and give me a good smack for something I had done wrong, so off we went to my bedroom where my dad told me to sit on the bed and signaled that when he hit the bed with a slipper I was to make crying noises so my mum thought I was being smacked, to this day I still remember trying to make crying noises between laughing and my dad with a big broad smile on his face. The other funny thing was after my dad left me in my room still making crying noises and went down to see my mum he told me afterwards she said " I hope you didn't smack him to hard ".

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  1. Thanks Steve I was born in 1951
    in Middlesbrough,England
    My mam was also the strict one only she dealt out the punishment.
    Both my parents have died & I Love
    & Miss them so much.