Braves Win 91 / 92

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I remember baseball and the Atlanta Braves. Worst to First in 1991, and boy did I get hooked on the excitement. 1992 brought it to a peak for me: Braves fever, tommahawk chops, war chants. I went to games and watched many more on TV. Crowed into bars with as many friends as could be gathered to watch the playoffs. The Braves made it to the NCLS again in 92, and again got to play Pittsburg. It was the seventh game of that series that forever stands out in my mind as most nerve-wracking moment of my life. Taking the game to the bottom of the ninth-the last game of the series, series tied 3-3, score 2-1 Pittsburg, Braves get bases loaded, two outs, and the runner at second was arguably the slowest runner in baseball at the time, Sid Bream. I remember the batter hit a single to left field, worst possible place for a slow runner at second. The runner at third scored easily, and they waved Bream home. I was screaming- everyone was screaming. The throw came in, Bream galloping towards home, lumbering towards home more like it, some kind of crazy, slow-motion trot. No way he could make it. I nearly pass out---but the throw is to the first base side of the plate. Bream comes sliding in, catcher tries to tag, and umpire calls him safe! Braves announcer Skip Carey is screaming over and over, Braves win! Braves win! Braves win! Braves win! Braves win! Braves win! That is what I remember about 1992.

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