Illinois Baum's Bakery

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Shar Carlyle, USA, The Old Fashioned Bakers
In Highland Park, Illinois Baum's Bakery on Central Avenue had a dazzling array of colorful cookies and cakes, baked fresh that morning. My favorite was a shortbread dipped in pastel green chocolate with ground pistachios! The bakery lady wore a pink apron!


  1. Just when are you remembering? I may have made that cookie. My folks, Gus and Alma Baum opened a bakery on the north side of Central Avenue at 2nd in early 1935. By 1940 they moved across the street to the location they occupied until they sold it in 1965. I came along on Good Friday, 1940. By 1952 I'd been 'recruited' to help out, especially at Christmas time and other holidays.

    John Baum

  2. Oh my goodness John I am so glad I thought of your parents' bakery tonight in 2017! I remember the checkerboard chocolate and beige ones. Also the beige ones that had fork like ridges along the length, I would have been age 11 in 1965 so we would likely have seen each other many times since my father brought me there as a treat. Is it my imagination or were the recipes buttery, fresh and delicious!!?

  3. Yes John you likely made that cookie. I was 11 in 1965 and went to you parents bakery with my dad. I walked with my dad every morning up central to the train station and Bain's bakery was a special treat. There were chocolate checkerboard ones and beige ones with fork like ridges along the cookie. We're they really as buttery and delicious as my childhood memory?

  4. I loved Baum's Bakery in the 1940s, especially the Maple Cake with Maple Frosting. My Dad ran the Commujity Center on Central - It used to be a Fire Station.