growing up in Malta

Memory From: Steve, United Kingdom, Growing up in Malta,

In 1958 my dad was in the Royal Navy and was sent with his ship to Malta, The posting was called Married / Accompanied so my mum and my brother and I lived in Malta for 3 years, It was a fantastic time for my brother and I as we lived in a Town called Mosta , it would take us about 1 hr to walk to the nearest beach which was Salini Bay where we would spend nearly every day swimming and hanging out. We lived above a hardware shop which was 3 shops down from the local bakery and every afternoon my first job was to go and collect the hot loaf of bread.

For a kid it was a wonderful place to grow up with the sun and beach and a very carefree life. Because we walked to the beach each day we were always finding injured animals which we would take home to my mum, they ranged from dogs to kestrel and everything in between which my mum would nurse back to health

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