First Day at school

Memory From:
Caroline, USA, First Day at school

I have just taken my son off for his first day of school and this started me remembering my first day at school,
The first real memory I have is of the first day at kindergarten, the memory is faded and I am remembering the best I can.

The day after Labor Day was my first day at kindergarten and my mother walked my brother and I the 5 blocks to School ( we lived in New York City ) , I am one of 2 twins and both my brother and I were starting that day , my brother was excited and couldn't wait to start but I hated it from the day I realised I would not be at home , even the doors seemed daunting and scary as we entered and I can remember thinking my mother would not come back for us and we would be there forever.

Once we started playing I felt a little happier but not as happy as when I saw my mother there to collect me in the afternoon, Remembering that I spent a long time telling me son I would be there to collect him from school.

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