My Encounter with a Bear

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Jess , United States,My Encounter with a Bear
I was hiking on a trail in Minnesota and suddenly I heard a crashing noise in the undergrowth and then no more than 20ft away was a big black bear , I had read plenty of times about what to do in the case of meeting a bear so instead of running away I shouted at it as loud as I could in my most commanding tone of voice: 'Shoo! Get out of here, bear! Go on! Get away!' and clapped my hands,

the bear didn't move and just stood there glaring at me, at that point I was not sure if all the things I had been told would work and panic was not far away which would mean I would do the completely wrong thing and run, then thankfully it turned and ran back into the bush.

I do not think I have ever been so scared in my life as I was at the moment that the bear just looked at me .

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