Hemel Hempstead Explosion and Fire

Memory From:
Kathy, United Kingdom, Hemel Hempstead Explosion and Fire
Hemel Hempstead Explosion and fire!! There was a massive bang and as we looked out of the window to see what happened it seemed like hundreds of car alarms were going off and in the distance massive plumes of smoke and red and orange flames as high as 50 - 60 ft it was pretty scary not knowing as we thought it might be terrorist attack , people were running in every direction and then fire ambulance and police cars came from all over the place , the smoke was coming into our flat but we decided to stick it out as we felt safer inside than out a few hours later we were evacuated , It is scary to still live so close to the depot and when we move we will check whatever factories or other places that could go up in flames were near by before we moved there

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