The Word Astronaut Did Not Exist in The 60s

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blazingsparkler, USA, The Word Astronaut Did Not Exist in The 60s

I remember that our set of Encyclopedia Britannica did not even have the word "Astronaut" in it. How space, education, rockets changed all in the 60s

The First Human in Space was Yuri Gagarin from the Soviet Union in 1961,


  1. Stumped. I seem to remember reading a book on Astronauts in the early 60's. It was one of those How and Wonder books they had back then. So I am puzzled what you base your idea on?

  2. Anonymous , I suspect your very right but also the poster may be right as with a major encyclopedia like Britannica unless you pay for updates it can seem to be behind the times


  3. I did some checking and looked in a 1962 addition without updates and the word cosmonaut was in but Astronaut was not