Kim's Kia her Worst Car

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Kim , USA, Kia Sportage My Worst Car

My worst car was a Kia Sportage 4X4 I bought in 1997 , The list of stuff that went wrong in the first year could fill a book rather than a memory here is a list of just a few from 2 years.

Check Engine light always on ( they said not to worry about it at the dealership ) then whats it for

Air Con stopped working

Air bag control went wrong ( not under warrenty )

Driver seat belt unfasten

Clutch blew at 40,000 miles

Engine needed replacing

In two years it was back to the shop 26 times and much was not covered under warranty

I bought it because I wanted an SUV and couldnt afford any other it was much cheaper and I had not learnt you get what you pay for , When I part exchanged it for a Honda CRV ( Payed a lot to do it as no dealer wanted to touch it ) that was same age I couldn't believe the difference in quality

I learnt a valuable lesson in life from that heap of Crap YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

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