Millennium Disco Jan 2000

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Tom , UK, Millenium Party

Having Dj'ed on new years eve in the millenium, The atmosphere could not have been better, I have been DJ'ing for close to 8 years now and can honestly say i have never had such a good night.

I was doing a disco in a hotel called the Sandringham Hotel in southsea, the hotel was due to be knocked down and turned into flats in the year 2000, the building was very old and was cool to explore, downstairs were loads of hidden passages taking you all around the hotel.

Anyway all the people who attended the party were regulars at this hotel and everyone knew it was being knocked down so this would be the last year you could celebrate the new year in the hotel.

The party was huge with a champagne pyramid, wonderfull food and 500 people partying their hearts out.
At around 11:00 we decided to play the conga with the manager in the front, everyone was given a candle and we were led downstairs through the secret passages, even i was in the conga!!!!

Everybody had a great night and i thimk it was the best way possible to celebrate the year 2000. The hotel was unfortunatley knocked down that yer but the memory will stay with me forever
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  1. weird al yancovickJanuary 14, 2007 at 4:59 PM

    yur cool moutain due. i hope u know that much little buddy. welperz..see ya later monkey skater!!