My Fishing trip

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Lance, USA, My Fishing trip
I remember when I was 10 years old, and went fishing with my dad for the first time without my older brothers. I loved to fish and I asked my dad for a bass fishing trip with just him and me for my 10th birthday.

Organising the trip with my dad and buying maps and sorting out the tackle was all part of this memory as any time I spent with my dad was special, the big day came when we set off for the lake and as we crossed the first bridge and I looked across the expanse of water, on lake Michigan Michigan it was so different to any streams or small lakes and creeks I had ever fished before.

My dad had booked a guide as part of my present to make sure we caught the bass I so wanted to catch and we set off on his boat across the lake, in just a few hours I had the fish of my dreams a 5lb Bass . We spent a further 2 nights in the cabin and 3 more days fishing and caught many more fish , but the memory of that first 5lb Bass I caught will stay with me for the rest of my life. The memories from that trip continue to come as I am writing this as the guide took us to a place to see a bald eagle, and I hope my son has enjoyed the time I have taken him fishing as much as I did with my father.

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