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Callie, USA, Mixed Horse Memories

Horses are my passion and have been for many years , they each have personalities and mostly my memories
are good but just the odd few bring different feelings.

Two memories that hurt the most are very different and for both different reasons and in different ways.

The first is from being thrown some 11ft in the air with an ambulance ride to the local hospital with nothing but a few bruises and a hurt pride Thanks Junior.

The second is much harder to think about and remember, when I took a new foal that was going to be euthanasia due to a deformity by a local breeder , I love animals and especialy horses so agreed to take it in and try and save it, just a few days later when the baby was in pain due to severe colic and after getting the vet to call who explained that not only were deformities on the outside the foals internal organs were also deformed and the best outcome for the horse was to end her pain , her name was Star due to the star on her forehead and I hope she did not suffer any longer than she had to , may she be in peace

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