My little Persian

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Karen, UK, My little Persian

I've always been a cat lover and when i was growing up i was never allowed one, my mother was on her own and there was no way she could afford to keep animals. I met my husband at the age of 38 and the first gift from him was a tiny blue- grey persian, i remember him walking in one day after work, i was still angry at him for forgetting our 1 year annerversary, he told me he had a supprise for me, i went into the lounge and he was holding something under his jacket, out poped this little kitten she was beautiful and from then she was a big part of our lives and all was forgiven. We named her jessica. As she got older she dicovered the school children who used to walk passed the house at 8:30 and then again at 3:30. Then one day i noticed how she used to go outside at these times and sit on the wall to recieve attention from the school kids. We have many fond memories of her, she was very unique, stroppy at times but loved to socialise at house gatherings. She loved at
tention, a typical woman. unfortunately she passed away in 2000, but she will never be forgotten.

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  1. I understand your memories

    Our oldest cat Snowball passed away 2 months ago from old age, he had reached the grand old age of 18, he was a white long haired cat and towards the end he did smell most of the time and it was a struggle to keep his fur from matting, but he still would sit on our laps whenever he had the chance and would purr before we even started stroking him, he could no longer reach his food bowl which was kept up high to keep the dogs from eating so he would meow loudly to be picked up and placed with his food sometimes up to 10 times a day as he would just eat a very small amount at each sitting. He was loved lots and is sadly missed by his family.

    zoe and family