Unforgetable Boyfriends

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S. Dobbie , United States of America Unforgetable Boyfriends
My father died when I was 17; it was unexpected and quick. I flew to Albany, NY for the funeral. When I returned from a week of awful sadness and feeling lost, a guy I knew from the high school bus stop approached me and asked if he could sit with me.

He told me how sorry he was to hear about my father. He was known to be and was one of the nicest people around and I liked him for his kindness and concern. We started dating a little while later. The next year and a half were the most precious cherished time of my life.

He went away and things were pretty rocky in my home; I couldn't take it anymore and again, feeling lost, I decided I had to leave. It was a hard and lonely road with no one to guide me. He wrote letters, I answered, but I didn't want to dump my troubles on his family and he could not help out from college.

Another guy came along one day and pursued me. I married him; it did not work out. Through years of dating and never remarrying, I have wished I cou
ld explain to my old boyfriend that it was nothing he did and nothing I could have wanted of him; it was just bad times in my life and a young woman who made bad choices without enough knowledge to do the "right" thing. I still miss him, still remember how unforgettable he and our memories are to me.

I also hope he found happiness with someone who was more stable than my own life was back then. I am pushing 59 and only now can I say that the wrinkles of life are things I handle better now. Sweet youth is so tender.

All I have to hear is a song from back then, and I can see those great days of us together, see his beautiful eyes, like it was just yesterday. I will always have that and I am grateful

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