Woodstock 1969 and 1994

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Guitarmans Friend , USA, A Day In The Garden music festival 1969

I remember the '69 and '94 Woodstock concerts very well. The 94 one was so loud that My friends and I could hear it almost 20 miles away across the Hudson river north, up in Pine Plains NY. You could hear the drum beats and other sounds depending on how the wind was. At the same time that was going on they also had "A Day In The Garden" at Yasgar's farm outside of Bethel, NY and a bunch of my friends and I went there, leaving Copake, NY at night and getting there in time to see some great music. The 69 festival was just awesome. There are no words to describe the nice people I met and the music was something I will never forget. I met Mike Lang there and he was one of the folks putting on the festival and the latter ones as well. He still lives in the area and looks the smae too!! Wish that I did. I miss those days and am sad to think of all of the great talent that was lost through the years. Jimi and Janis were so great to see and hear. Jimi rented a house outside of the town of Ashokan off of route 28 and he played at tinker street cafe' and was a blast to meet him. He was a great, shy, funny man and a great artist too. He drew some really funny cartoons!! I miss him to this day and can't look at a guitar or a corvette and not think of him. We had alot of fun. Wish I could go back in time.
Love to all!!!

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  1. The good old days 90s
    I remember when the world wasn't a scary place.