Christmas 1959

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Alex, United Kingdom, Christmas 1962

With Christmas just round the corner and seeing all the parents at the shops picking presents for their children reminded me of my best ever Christmas as a child

My father was in the Navy and many Christmas times he was away , but I remember the year 1959 because he was home for most of December and my parents were acting very secrative .

Anyway Xmas day came and normal toys and sweets in my sack at the end of the bed and I started playing with them as any normal kid does, and go in to wake my parents up to show them what santa had left ( I still believed in Santa at 8 ) and my dad tells me Santa left a note with him about something he couldn't get down the chimney and I would find it outside.

Still in PJ's I rushed outside to find the coolest blue bike I had ever seen in my life with a bell and lights .

Now you must remember my parents were quite poor so my dad had bought an old bike and spent the month of December cleaning it, fixing it and painting it , that present sticks in my mind more than any other because I can now imagine how much work and time my parents spent on it and how much love must have gone in to it

I would like to thank my parents so much for that and all the time and love they gave me as a child


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