My cousins first visit to Santa

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raj0019, India, My cousins first visit to Santa

Priya's first visit to see Santa was so memorable. She had just turned seven and had been home just over a year. Even though she'd been with us for one previous Christmas, a lot of it went right by her since she had only been home a few weeks. As we walked into a big, fancy mall. Santa had never crossed my mind. We went to look at all the incredible decorations they are known for. As we walked into the center of the mall, I had to think fast and I said, "Can you believe it! Can you believe it!!! Santa is HERE!" Well, we waited in line and I'll tell you, I was so happy. She looked at Santa with stars in her eyes. She was in awe. Nothing casual or blase about her emotions. I think if I had pushed her, she would have floated up to the stars!!! We got a great picture of her hugging Santa. And I mean hugging. And last night, as we were talking over the day (which we often do), she said, "...and today, I saw Santa...!"

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