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Chad A. Hagy, USA, Chatrooms

I must say that one my all-time favorite memories of the 1990s is the popularity of chat rooms. But there is a very good reason for that. This is how I met my wife. Now before you pass judgment on me for searching for love online, let me set the scene.

The year is 1998 – the month is February. Seinfeld was at the height of its popularity on television and the show’s catchphrases were on the tip of everybody’s tongue. I was a 21 year old college student at the University of Michigan and getting decent grades, I might add. I was quite unfamiliar with the internet as I had only been on the “net” a few times. It’s not that the internet was in its beginning stages at the time, but it wasn’t as prominent in the culture as it is today. It was a Tuesday night and my friend had some research to do at the school’s computer lab, so I tagged along with him. I was just goofing off on the computer next to him and decided to join the Seinfeld chat room which, by the way, no longer exists to my knowledge.

I was in the chat room just having some meaningless conversations with some people, but there was one girl that just attracted me by the way she spoke. She was different. She had a sarcastic attitude about her that was unique. If I had to compare it to a person to better illustrate my description, think of Janeane Garofolo in a chat room, but the girl that would become my wife was much hotter. We didn’t really start talking in the room until she announced that she was leaving, but I begged her to stay. She did. Then we sat there and chatted for the next few hours until the lab was getting ready to close down for the night. At the time, though, we had no idea that this was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

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  1. i also started talking to somebody alot on the chat rooms and ended up out for almost a year friday..
    we kept in touch that way and now im really happy for that