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Nokia Talkman 450 Mobira Senator Early Mobile Phone

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My Mobile Phone The first mobile phone I had was provided by the company I worked for in 1983 it was a Nokia Talkman 450 Mobira Senator, I say mobile phone but it was more like a modern day phone box. It was actually a car phone however one of my colleagues used to carry his around in his back pack. This was the cream of the crop back then, it did exactly what I wanted it to and worked fairly well, it was sad to get rid off it for the latest greatest phone at the time. I went on to have lots of Nokia mobile phones including my personal favourite the Nokia 3310, The technology has changed hugely since I had my first mobile phone. I remember my wife and kids being amazed by my car phone, so was the whole street!! Now though if you don't have a mobile phone your not a normal citizen, I work in London and get really fed up with the millions of different ring tones and everyone talking away watching the world go by. I found a picture of the Nokia Talkman 450 I have included it in the memory so you can see it up against a modern day phone, the phone below is my latest phone its a Nokia N80. My new phone has thousands of features more than i will probably ever need, it can also be used on VoIP to save me money on my phone calls which is quite impressive you can find out more about the phone on the site listed at the end of my memory It makes me wonder what the phones will be like in another ten years maybe it will turn into a chip that plugs into our ear? Who knows.
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Nokia N80 VOIP Mobile Phone

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